Thursday, May 14, 2009

hello people, i've moved.



see you guys there.

Monday, May 11, 2009

hello again, you.

the koalas said hi.

let's extend this.
i'll talk about 2 things and end off with a few videos.

1. Hobbies.
i do quite a variety of things actually. i do do sports, and by that it's mainly running & swimming. i'm quite the music person, i'd say; i do the piano, trumpet, cornet, harmonica & my ipod shuffle that once belonged to my brother. i dance: popping, freestyle, krumping, krumping, did i mention krumping? and currently i learning locking. i'm really into sweets and candy, but my lack of money prevents me from really abusing them. i'm into shopping too, but the earlier reason still applies here. listening to music & monologues are kinda intergrated into my system, reading books are like the occasional cigar smoking moments (in large doses), & my ink art is an addiction that never really goes away, but no one's complaining, yes?

2. Hobbies (cont'd)
like i was saying, let's extend this. i'm very much into language, in the sense that i use it as a really blunt stick against pretty much everyone, including myself; guess i'm not so much into discrimination. poetry is usually expelled from within me in bursts of words, and i'm more compelled to type them out as well as think them out. people say my creepy ability to see connections in things they can't a wee bit scary, but i'd say i'm okay.

craig ferguson - 2/13/2009 Monologue

rowan atkinson - The Good Loser

rowan atkinson - thomas, richard, harold

p.s. i do lie sometimes.

monkeys with keys,
mirrors in mirrors,
crowns in clowns.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

hello, you.

it's 8:48am now, and i've got school at 10!
and i guess it's only compulsory for the art students.

L O V E L Y.

it's been a long time since i had a serious post.
well, if i ever had one, that it =)

okay. i'll talk about 3 things along the way.

1. Love life.
oohhh, this is practically unexistent. Considering the fact that i never take the initiative plus the mindset that any of my inclination to girls is considered infatuation by me, these 2 factors has effectively purged my love life to an astounding numerical ratio of x:y, where x, number of girlfriends,=0 and y, years of my life,=17. other than that, i'd say i'm doing fine.

2. Social life
to be really honest, i'd say the actual number of real friends i have is a number that does not exceed the sum of my fingers and toes. i may seem to know a hell lot of people, but they would fall under the absolutely legendary "hi-bye friends" category.

3. Personal life.
a lovely combination of exposure to philosophy, readings of books such as Goethe's Faust & Tom Holt's works and thought processes that result from the latter & former has left me a pessimistic & optimistic boy with an increasingly erratic behaviour that may or may not mirror the characters of the novels i've read. no, i definitely do not have MPD like Deadpool; it's just that i've become an amalgamation of all these entities and ideas that may or may not have influenced my mindset in the earlier 2 things i've talked about. it may or may not have influenced me to think that i'll end up alone in my general lifespan and it may or may not have influenced me to post this post =D

okay. that's 3 things i've talked about.

better leave the house now lest i be late for art.

a monkey sees me in my own,
a reflection that may not be my own.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

found a cool daft punk remix =)

and one of my older favourites =D

it's a morning,
so let's be cheerful!

stop sending astronaut asses through the alternative atmosphere into super space.

Friday, May 8, 2009

3 cheers for ANTZ for lovely designs i always look forward to.

if bears had crowns.
1. surround myself with people.
2. let people be sounds.
3. therefore, more people=more sounds.
4. warning:do not discriminate any sounds.
5. arrange the sounds in the method of preference.
6. you've got a symphony of your own =)

ah, the bittersweet steps to life.

nothing ever goes one way,
nothing ever goes one direction.

beauty of life.
magic of song.

che sera sera.
whatever will happen, will happen.
there is reason in it.

do not panic,
do not spazz out.

the sun shall rise
and the birds shall chirp.

let life continue
and let sounds be arranged.

6-step life symphony construction for the bittersweet hearts :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


hey ho.
random stuff.


let the moon bite me.

let the song eat me.

let the beat abuse me.

let the words stab me.

let the language tumble me.

let the manners digust me.


the silent wall fall.

the weight of light of light in height.